Holmdel Township Recreation

Athletic Field PLAYABILITY


We are committed to providing high quality, safe playing surfaces for our multi-use athletic facilities and with the help and consideration of all user groups we will protect the turf from excessive damage.  If any of the following conditions occur, scheduled games and practices must be cancelled or postponed:

  1. Audible thunder or visible lightning (play will not resume until 30 minutes after the last sight of lightning or sound of thunder).


  1. Visibility (darkness)


  1. Standing water on the playing field.


  1. Soil Saturation:
    1. Walking on the grass causes water rise to the surface around the foot.
    2. Walking on the grass causes footprint indentations in the field
    3. One inch or more of rain 48 hours prior to a scheduled game or practice accompanied by steady rain on game or practice day.
    4. Steady downpour of rain on game or practice day, which could cause damage to grass or injury to participants.


  1. Extreme Drought conditions where 50% of the playing surfaces has turned dormant.

All coaches, referees and umpires are responsible for ensuring the safety of field playing conditions at all times during scheduled play.  Safety implies safety of the resource as well as the participants.


It is important that every coach and user group understands these rules in order to ensure the safety of the team and maintain the quality of the fields.



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