Holmdel High School 3 on 3 Basketball Tournament

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(This is not an HYAA Event/See Info Below)

The Holmdel High School 3 on 3 Basketball Tournament is returning on Tuesday, March 26th from 6-10pm at Holmdel High School. Registration is now open for the following age groups: 5th and 6th grade boys, 5th and 6th grade girls, 7th and 8th grade boys, 7th and 8th grade girls, High School Boys, High School Girls. Each team will consist of 3 or 4 players. For an age group to participate, we need at least FOUR teams to sign-up.

TO REGISTER YOUR TEAM: Click this link - 2024 Holmdel 3 on 3 Basketball Tournament 

**Designate One Person register your team and players**

Scroll to the bottom of the home page until you see the Red "CREATE A NEW TEAMbutton. This will direct you through a series of questions where you provide your email, Create your team name and fill out your personal information. When you type in your Team Name, please include the name plus the age group. For instance: Caitlyn's Crew - 7th and 8th Grade Girls.

When you arrive at the donation page, you will be able to choose your donation amount. The registration fee per player is $10. You can donate more if you'd like, but the minimum is $10. There are 3 options to pay: credit card, PayPal or an option to pay by check. 100% of all monies collected will go directly to the Alex's Lemonade Stand Foundation.

*If you need to join a team that's already been created, there's an option at the bottom of the registration page to "VIEW OR JOIN A TEAM" Click this Green Button, and then Click "ADD A PLAYER" on the next page, and follow the registration questions to complete the process. You will then be prompted to enter the students information, and create a user account (student or parent's email). After that, a donation/registration fee can be made.

PLEASE NOTE - All teams MUST REGISTER BY TUESDAY, MARCH 19th at midnight in order to secure your team's spot in the tournament. Please contact the Tournament Organizer, Mr. Bryan DeNovellis at this email with any questions: [email protected].

Thank you very much,

Bryan DeNovellis

Television Production and Editing Teacher

TV and Film Society Advisor

Holmdel High School


Grace's Journey To Bring Awareness

Grace Kolbasovsky

As a student athlete living with epilepsy, I am writing this article to spread awareness and share my story with the hope that people can gain a better understanding of what it’s like to live with this disorder and how they might help. I’ve found it harder than expected to put on paper how I feel and what I want to tell people. I’ve had to deal with epilepsy my whole life and it has affected something I love doing, playing sports. I’ve learned to beat some of the challenges, but that is not the whole story. It would be great to say I’ve overcome epilepsy, but the truth is, my journey with epilepsy continues.

People often define epilepsy as convulsive seizures. Epilepsy is so much more. For example, there is more than just one type of seizure; there are over 40 different types, including those that are not visible. When I was diagnosed with epilepsy at the age of only two years old, the type of seizure I had was called absence seizures. This type is more common in children and teens, and it appears as if someone is briefly unresponsive, daydreaming or ‘absent’ for a moment. Sometimes, a child can grow out of this type of seizure. For a long time, people didn’t know about my momentary absences in conversations or while I was playing ball, but it wasn’t until I was about twelve years old that I had a convulsive seizure.

I was playing a game with my travel basketball team, back when I played for the HYAA. It was only a few minutes into the game and things were going great. I stole a pass, sent it down the court to my teammate who laid it in-easy two points! Our defense was strong, and we forced another turnover. My friend inbounded the ball to me. The next thing I knew I was on the ground with a nurse kneeling over me.

When I regained consciousness, I was extremely confused. How did I end up on the floor? What happened to the game we were playing? And who was the woman kneeling over me? I could hardly breathe as I tried to wriggle free of her restraint. “Don’t move,” she told me, “Stay down for a minute.” She began asking me questions like who I am and where I was. Why wouldn’t I know my name or location? I’m at Hoop Group playing in a tournament, and my name is Grace, always has been. She helped me up and walked me to a nearby chair, where my mom was. She told me one of my teammates’ moms had called an ambulance. As lightheaded as I was feeling, I really wanted to stay and watch my team play. Nonetheless, I ended up going.

While I waited, one of my teammates brought over my water. As I looked at her, I saw she was crying. Then I noticed all my teammates were crying, and their parents consoled them with hugs and affirmation. They thought I was dying. I tried to tell them I was okay from across the gym by giving them heart signs and signaling to them, but the tears kept flowing. Eventually, the ambulance arrived, and I was taken to the hospital.

That evening, when the doctor diagnosed me with an epileptic seizure, I had to tell my parents my little secret. As the years went on, the doctors thought that I had grown out of my epilepsy, and I was taken off medication. After I was medicine-free the absence seizures came back. I didn’t tell anyone because I didn’t want to get put back on medication. Taking medication made me feel different from my friends. For five years I kept my seizures a secret, until finally in the middle of the basketball game, I couldn’t hide it any longer.

That night changed my life. I resumed taking medication, but it wasn’t so simple. The challenge was to find the right balance of medicines that worked together to control the seizures. Throughout high school, there was a lot of trial and error, which came with different side effects like headaches, dizziness, fatigue, and tremors. This impacted my athletics, which meant I couldn’t run track or play basketball, and it also impacted my academics.

Not being able to play a sport I loved and struggling with my grades made it very hard for me to be positive mentally and emotionally. It sometimes still does, but I try hard to work on that each and every day.

Whether or not you realize it, you probably know someone with a seizure condition. As someone living with epilepsy, here is what I wish everyone to know:

  • According to the Epilepsy Foundation, if someone is having a convulsive seizure:
    • Stay calm, most seizures do not last very long
    • Keep the person having the seizure safe and away from sharp objects
    • Stay with the person until the seizure ends
    • Try to time the seizure
    • Don’t put anything in the person’s mouth or hold him/her down
    • Be sensitive and supportive and ask others to do the same

I was lucky that a parent in the gym was also a nurse, and she knew exactly what to do to help me when I had my convulsive seizure. I was also grateful to my teammate and her mom for coming to check on me at the hospital. My teammate told me that the team won the game, and that all my teammates were wishing me well and looking forward to seeing me again on the court. From the coach to my teammates and their families, everyone showed their support and encouraged me. My family and I really appreciated that.

  • Epilepsy isn’t just about the seizure, but it’s everything that comes along with the disorder. Whether it’s visible or invisible, the seizures take a toll on everyday life. They impact athletics, academics, and personal relationships.
  • At the end of the day, always remember to be kind and considerate to others because you never know what people are going through. A kind word or gesture can help a person in so many ways.

Epilepsy Foundation. (2023). What to do when someone has a seizure. Accessed at

6th Grade boys
2023 6th Grade Winners
8th Grade Winners
2023 NJ Invitational Tournament hosted by Marlboro Travel Basketball Highlights:

(Round robin pool play where the top two records played in the finals)

5th Grade Girls reached the final of the Pool A Girls U10 Division falling to Brielle

6th Grade Boys won the Pool B Boys U11 Division beating Brielle 32-31

6th Grade Girls won the Pool A U11 Division beating Middletown South 28-23

8th Grade Girls won the Pool A Girls U13 Division beating Howell 57-26

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Student Referee Information

All interested 7 - 12th graders interested in being a youth referee please fill out this form, training session dates to follow.

23-24 Rec Basketball Referee Interest Form

If you are new to the program there you need to attend two out of three 1.5 hour training sessions run by our Holmdel Referee Coordinator. If you have already been trained you just need to attend one session as a refresher. Once approved, you will be assigned games alongside a patched referee where the youth referees will continue to be trained and mentored. Youth Referees are paid $15/game.

7th Grade Champs take 2
Girls Hoops


2022-23 Rec/Travel Basketball Update

Rec Program

The  2022-2023 season HYAA Rec basketball program saw over 600 participants spanning kindergarten through high school. The K-2 boys and girls programs are run clinic-style, focusing on early basketball skills and development. The 3rd grade through High School programs are competitive leagues with practices and games, still focusing on skill and overall athletic development. Each group has a League President who helps organize the coaches, schedules, rosters, uniforms, trophies, and so on. And each team has a coach volunteering to develop the players. League Presidents and Coaches do a lot behind the scenes to make Rec run smoothly. THANK YOU to all our League Presidents and Coaches for volunteering your time and energy!

To kickoff our Rec season, on December 8th, Hall of Fame coach, Bob Hurley was the guest speaker at our annual coaches meeting. Coach Hurley spoke about his experiences and then ran through some drills with the 8th grade boys team to demonstrate drills he finds useful in developing players. In the future we plan on having more quest speakers at our coaches meeting for all of us to learn from. 

This is the first season that ran without shutdowns, and the first time since 2019 we were able to run our culminating March Madness event. We asked coaches to nominate players from their teams who they felt postiveily contributed both as teammates and athletes. On March 18th, at the High School, the 3rd-8th grade league players representing their teams participated in fun competitions and a “Blue” vs “Gray” game. Afterwards in the commons the players celebrated with donuts and snacks. Special thanks to the coaches and league presidents who helped run each session - especially John White who ran two sessions!! 

The HYAA basketball program runs a Youth Referee Program where we train 7-12th graders to be refs and afford them opportunities to ref HYAA league games, mostly in the lower grades. This year we trained 27 youth refs, many who went on to ref rec games, alongside a certified ref, while earning $15/game. Since re-starting the program last year we’ve trained over 100 youth refs. Joe Brecia, our certified ref coordinator, runs this program and as a Holmdel youth himself, got his start as a ref in this program. It’s been really special to see this program come full circle!


Travel Program

For the 2022-2023 season we had 18 travel teams representing Holmdel. We have eleven A teams and seven B teams across boys and girls. The A teams play in the Mid-Monmouth League (which only allows one team per-town) and the B teams play in various leagues hosted by Monroe, Central Jersey Basketball and/or Hoop Group. Teams also enter various tournaments throughout the season. Thank you to all the travel teams head and assistant coaches who put in countless volunteer hours on behalf of the Holmdel youth. Some highlights include: 

  • The Boys 5A team kicked off their season, winning the Hoop Group Holiday showdown in December. 
  • The Girls 4th & 5th grade teams played each other at halftime of the Girls High School game for a combined Senior/HYYA night. The girls were loud and proud cheering on our Hornets during the game and had a blast playing each other at the half. 
  • All of our Holmdel A boys and girls teams performed well throughout Mid-Monmout league play and qualified for playoffs, with some making deep runs. 
  • The girls 4th grade made it all the way to the finals, falling to a very good Brielle team, but a lot is in store for this group! 
  • For the second year in a row, both the Girls 5th grade and 7th grade teams won the Mid-Monmouth championships. Congratulations to Coaches Grimando, Serini & Foster and the 5th grade team and Coaches Flaherty, Smigelsky & Zarraga and the 7th grade team. 
  • In Holmdel’s third year, ever, of having a girls B team, the combined Girls 6th & 7th grade team won the 13U Girls Mid Jersey Basketball League becoming the WNBA South Champions. Huge congratulations to Coaches Andrew and Lindsay Gallo and the team!!!! 

We’re really proud of our successes, and excited about the growth of our rec and travel programs moving forward. We thank each and every parent for your time and commitment getting your child to and from games and practices and supporting the HYAA basketball program. 

Finally a special thank you to Mark Bronowich who is stepping down from his commissioner role. He’s been a crucial part of the team, both as a commissioner and coach of the Boys 8A team, since 6th grade. We wish Mark all the best and thank you for all your time and commitment for the youth of Holmdel and the HYAA basketball program. 

HYAA Basketball Commmissioners, 

Sean O’Connor

Jodie Periotti

Mark Bronowich

Ellen Flaherty

Mike Zarraga


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In case of an injury sustained during an HYAA event, please print and complete the Injury Report Form and return it to the HYAA office. Please complete all relevant parts of the form.



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Travel Team Player Play-Up Policy

The HYAA basketball commissioners strongly encourage players to stay with their grade and age. However, if a player is dominant within their grade and age, the parents can request that the player be allowed to tryout for the next higher grade. The commissioners have sole discretion is determining whether the player will be permitted to play-up. If you have an interest in having your son or daughter play-up, please submit your travel play-up application to Sean O'Connor [email protected] by May 17th for consideration.

* OPEN time slots accommodate conflicts where teams lose their normal times. For more information or questions, please contact the HYAA office at 732-946-6799.